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Building Your Future with TFH: Join a Community That Embraces Safety, Innovation, and Integrity

We’re not just another company; we’re a family. Across 38 branches in Australia, we’re all about trust, teamwork, and going that extra mile. Whether we’re fencing in a mega-event or upholding top-notch safety standards, we’re in it together, driving for excellence and innovative solutions.

Our History

We started TFH with a simple but ambitious idea: to redefine safety, security, and innovation in temporary fencing. We didn’t want to be just another company; we wanted to be the best. And here we are, leaders in what we do, and it’s all thanks to a vision that we’ve all bought into.

Challenges Overcome:
Life’s never been a smooth ride, and neither has our journey. From market competition to logistical hurdles, we’ve seen it all. But you know what? We didn’t just survive; we thrived. Each challenge made us smarter, stronger, and hungrier for success. And we owe it to every single team member who turned those challenges into our stepping stones.

Human Side of the Story:
We’re not just about numbers and bottom lines. We’re about people—amazing people like you. It’s the laughs, the teamwork, the shared dreams, and even the occasional Friday drinks that make this more than just a workplace. Everyone has a voice here, and everyone contributes to making TFH the incredible family it is.

Employee Growth at TFH:

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Continuous Learning

Access to training, workshops, and hands-on experience with seasoned professionals.

Shape 540

Wellness Initiatives

Emphasis on overall well-being, mental health support, work-life balance, and family-friendly

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Spotlighting those who embody our values, celebrating their achievements, and inspiring.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Team Collaboration and Dynamics
Discover our collaborative spirit, where open dialogue and mutual respect foster a vibrant and inclusive work environment.

Technological Integration
Witness our commitment to leveraging the latest technology to enhance efficiency and innovate in our day-to-day operations.

Career Opportunities at TFH

Diverse Roles

From manufacturing to operations, find where you fit in our extensive

How to Apply

Simple application process using the "Seek" platform, clear guidelines, and our commitment to consider every candidate.


Family leave policies, continuous learning opportunities,
and more.

Your career at TFH Hire Services is not just about joining a company; it’s about becoming part of a community that values each member, innovates constantly, and builds a safer, more secure Australia. Every individual at TFH is a testament to these values. Be a part of our journey, and let’s grow together.

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