Mobile Skip Bins

Mobile skips are the new smart alternative in skip bin hire. Our mobile skip bins can be placed in driveways, in your garage, the carport or even on the road.

Mobile skip bins are a perfect way to get the job done. Home, office or renovating.

Please note: Road rules apply for Skip bins, as they are registered vehicles.

  • Capacity – 1000kg
  • Time saver
  • Lockable Lids
  • General Waste

    polystyrene and polythene, tissues, napkins and kitchen towels, nappies, cat litter, animal faeces and bedding. soiled fast food containers and pizza boxes, oil or fat from food preparation or cooking, cigarette ends, broken crockery or glasses

  • Office Waste

    Paper, plastic

  • Green Waste

    Organic waste that can be composed, Grass clippings, leaves

  • Light Building Material

    Structural wall materials, Insulation. Roofing, Windows, doors, and facades, Drywall products, Ceiling, Flooring, Cement-based products

  • Clothing

    All types of clothing

  • Asbestos

    Not permitted

  • Poisons

    Not permitted

  • Radioactive Materials

    Not permitted

  • Gas Bottles

    Not permitted

  • Chemicals & Food Scraps

    Not permitted

  • Oils

    Not permitted

  • Electrical Goods

    Not permitted

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