Water Monster

  • Height – 1.82 m
  • Empty – 41 kg
  • Full – 495.3 kg
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Event Drinking Water Hire

The Water Monster is the first portable self-serving bulk water dispenser.

It is lightweight and stackable, perfect for major events.

The Water Monster comes equipped with multiple outlets and offers a refreshing solution for event
managers, volunteers and event goers.

Capacity – 473 L


Weight Tank Dia Stand Dia Material
Tank 15.8 KG Top width 1.06 m Top Width 0.76 m Polypropylene, PVC, Brass
Stand 20.4 KG Bottom width 0.76 m Bottom width 1.21 m All food grade parts
Lid 5.4 KG Height 91 m Height 0.91 NSF-61 compliant
Total empty 41. KG
Total full 495.3 KG Total height setup 1.82 m

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