Water Hydration Station

  • Height – 1.88 m
  • Width – 2.04 m
  • Bubblers – 20
  • Taps – 8
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Water Hydration Station Hire on offer at TFH Hire Services

TFH Water Hydration Stations help keep event-goers and construction site workers hydrated. Containing 20 bubblers and 8 taps which can connect to mains water or remote tanks, you’ll be able to provide high volume crowds with the hydration they deserve.

This product has a solar-powered greywater pump with no electricity required.


Height 1880 mm
Width 2040 mm
Depth 2040 mm
Bubblers 20
Taps 8

Also Available Other event drinking solution options include: Water Hydration Units, Single Water Bubblers, Water Monster.

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