The HOTA Project- Home of the Arts


The Gold Coast city’s HOTA project is a strikingly new cultural destination which is dubbed the ‘Home of the Arts’.
TFH Hire Services is proud to work with Hansen and Yuncken on this major expansion project.
TFH Hire Services is renowned for their ‘top grade’ Australian manufactured products and will be supplying the 16.9-hectare site with mesh fencing, water barriers, crowd control panels, barrier extensions, and more.
The vision and design were created by Arm Architecture and Topoptek1; the project will be unveiled in stages over the next 10-15 years.
HOTA will be a 24-hour ‘creative industry’ activity hub complete with an art hotel, cafes and a $60 million art gallery.
The green bridge is currently under construction and will link HOTA to Chevron Island – providing a gateway between the Home of the Arts and Surfers paradise.