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Waste Management on Non-Sewered Sites with TFH Waste Tanks

Liquid Waste

Managing waste efficiently in non-sewered locations poses significant challenges, particularly for construction and event management sectors. Addressing these challenges, TFH offers the innovative 2200L Waste Tanks, specifically designed to enhance waste management practices under conditions where traditional sewer connections are absent.

Optimised Waste Management Solutions with TFH 2200L Waste Tanks

TFH’s 2200L Waste Tanks are a game-changer for sites needing robust waste solutions—be it bustling construction sites or dynamic event venues. These tanks, crafted to seamlessly integrate beneath ablution blocks, epitomise practicality and efficiency in waste management.

Product Highlights:

  • Capacity and Adaptability: Each 2200L tank is engineered to cater to the high demands of both construction projects and large events, offering a substantial capacity to manage waste effectively without regular servicing. This makes them indispensable for sites operating away from municipal waste systems.
  • Design and Mobility: Designed with a slim profile, these tanks fit discreetly under standard ablution blocks, maximising space efficiency while being easy to install and relocate as site needs change. Their lightweight yet durable construction ensures they can be moved with minimal effort, offering flexibility in site layout.
  • Service Packages: Understanding the varied needs of different projects, TFH provides optional full-service packages. These include scheduled waste collection and tank maintenance, ensuring that hygiene and sanitation on site are upheld without interruption.

Comprehensive Waste Management Commitment

TFH’s approach to waste management reflects a deep understanding of the logistical challenges faced by industry professionals. By providing a versatile range of products tailored to meet these challenges, TFH not only delivers practical waste management solutions but also contributes to creating more sustainable and hygienic work environments.


For project managers and event organisers, the choice of TFH’s 2200L Waste Tanks represents a strategic decision to streamline operations and maintain high standards of environmental care and worker health. With TFH, you’re equipped not just to meet but exceed the stringent requirements of modern waste management, ensuring your project’s success from the ground up.

For detailed information on how to integrate these essential waste management solutions into your next project, visit TFH’s official website or contact our dedicated service team.